Nincompoops according to Mary Lee

Mary Lee, (quoted in Votes for Women, The Australian Story p21) stated that the Labour MP's were nincompoops for even considering a referendum. Women had not been asked to vote on men's suffrage.

This unguided education program will support students of Australian history and research to think critically and view history from a range  of viewpoints. Asking questions such as – the rule of law- for whom?

It sits best with Stage 1 Modern History of  Legal Studies.

Ideas using the Nincompoop resource (2)

Nincompoop Project

John Hindmarsh

Charles Cameron Kingston

Colonel William Light

Edward Gibbon Wakefield

George Gawler

Robert Gouger

Sir George Grey

Sir Henry Ayers

Sir Robert Richard Torrens





23 Aug 2019 - 11 Dec 2020


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