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Through the act of craftivism we hope to
make connections and community
make political statements
make important cultural objects
make a difference
and make a change


Craftivism; noun
Existing at the intersection of craft and activism, craftivism is a form of nonviolent social activism that seeks to bring about positive social change.

We need you for Stitch & Resist!

The Centre of Democracy is seeking partnerships with community groups, diverse organisations and passionate individuals to facilitate a series of ‘Craftivism cross-stitch workshops’.

It is hoped the workshops will create safe spaces for shared learning and discussion, while facilitating the making of cross-stitch works that highlight the social and political issues important to each group.


Core aims:
 Facilitate and foster active citizenship while building communities.
 Provide opportunities for community and strengthen social connection.
 Hold space for embodied action and gentle, non-violent activism.
 Provide safe spaces for discussion and exploration of political issues.
 Contribute to well-being, self-care, and the development of new skills.
 Engage the wider public in alternative modes of active citizenship.


Key outcomes:
 Create politically engaged, contemporary cultural artefacts in cross-stitch.
 Create an extensive digital archive of the cross-stitch works.
 Develop an exhibition that showcases the completed works. (TBC early 2021)

Medium: Cross Stitch

 Must feature a text-based activist/political statement.
 Must be a form of cross-stitch.
 Any base material can be used- think about its materiality and other potential connotations.


The Centre of Democracy hopes to engage a diverse and inclusive cross-section of the community.
 Artists and amateurs
 Designers and craftspeople
 Leaders and members of diverse communities
 Activists and individuals wishing to be a part of positive social change but unsure how to be involved

Through the act of craftivism we hope to make connections and community, make political statements, make important cultural objects, make a difference and make a change.

If you have any questions or want to be involved, visit the Stitch & Resist website or contact Nikki or Britt on 61+ (08) 8203 9888 or email us at


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