Daring to be Different meets CoD

Self Guided education program

Identity- yours, theirs, ours…..education package 

LGBT Rainbow Elders  sharing their stories.

5 people’s stories that reflect activism and change and will be supported by using the exhibition Daring to be Different in the Forum Gallery,  June- December 2019  at the Migration Museum and the Centre of Democracy Activism Timeline.

Provides a great opportunity for discussing diversity with year 9 and 10 English students and supports teachers in difficult content and hard conversations.

Australian curriculum links: many links but one that this sits best is with is year 9 and 10.

English using texts (literature, poetry, film, multimodal, prose) to understand how identity and identities are represented and reinforced.

History: Australia making of a nation, change and activism

Students will identify texts and critically analyse.

D2BD Education Booklet-with Jennys image

Understand how English works year 10


text analysis




23 Aug 2019 - 11 Dec 2020


Institute Building
Corner of North Terrace and Kintore Avenue



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